Monday, May 9, 2011

Everyone is the prince and princes for the night~

It's MASSAD (Malaysian Student Annual Dinner) everybody is talking and waiting about! It is a dinner for our respectful 6th year senior who is going to graduate soon. As a gratitude and acknowledgement, for surviving the hardness-ship as a medical student here in Moscow, Russia. Some foreign country that we are not familiar with, with an absolutely different language, and culture that we have to adopt. Also for them that had guide the clueless juniors all way long, helps them in the difficulties in all aspects. As tradition, 2nd year will be the organizer for every year's MASSAD.

The dining hall is just so amazing, and breath-taking. Can really feel myself in Paris even though I'm in Moscow now. It is really creative for the indoor design. Everything is just too nice to describe with.

Everyone was well prepared for the day. Trying so hard to make themselves as pretty and handsome as they can. As if it is their wedding day. Layers of make ups on the face. Layers of coats was put on. But u are gonna admit it that everybody looks so awesome!

It is not pretending! I played a song!
Glad that was arranged to an earlier bus. So I got a chance to walk around the hotel. Explored and found out the room for VIP. And there actually have a piano. Can't resist myself to lay my finger on that so cool white musical instrument. Ah, how I wish I had one in my room now.

Billy, a great leader of mine. No small deal.

Left: Kugan(formal MASSAD president 2011)
Right: Chung Ti(current MASSAD vice-president 2012.. =P)

This is what really matters. It's my dance team for the MASSAD! Hell yeah we prepared so hard for the last few month. Just for today. I'm not gonna mention how we went through the trainings, but the real performance went just so perfect, everybody cheer and shouted their throat out. We are sweating, and we are happy!

Left: JUO Foxtrot
Middle: SUO Bravo
Get to unite with seniors back in RMC. Gosh, reminds me of how they ragged us last time. Ordered us to crawl around the basketball court, doing some forward roll until we vomit our lunch out. It was so damn suffering during the time, but it is so funny and memorable when recall it. Miss the day SIR!

Alrite! Who wanna have a lift? =D

A big thank you for the MASSAD committee that had bring it to real. Also you guys for those came and supported MASSAD all the way. Though it was not a perfect night, we must thank those who worked night and day behind the scenes.

The day would be better if you had come. Sorry for not inviting earlier.

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