Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Called in the morning, nobody answers.
Called in the afternoon, still getting ignored.
Called before go to bed, its engaged.

Called the next evening, she picked up.
Don't have much credit left for a foreign country call. I asked her to call me back.
I waited for 30 minutes still didn't receive the call I expected.
Went to reload, and I called again. She says her phone is expired too. So we on skype.

We are on the webcam. She is so happy to see me, so am I.
We have some common chat, as usual.
Suddenly she cried.
I get curious. And I asked.
"Everytime you ask me to call you back, I become very worried.". She said.

Yes mom. I knew, I was so immature, I did a lot of foolish things in the past.
I made a lot of trouble, and you have to wipe my ass.
You need to settle the trouble for me, and even need to cover the cases so that dad won't find out. Because you know that I will as good as go to hell if dad know about it. Yet in the end dad still knows. And the one who get scolded is you.

Mom, you have done so many things for me. You had sacrifice more than enough.
No matter how hard you hit me with the cane, with the hangar, with your hand. I don't have any reasons to hate you. Every hit on me, is a pain in your heart.

Mom, I'm sorry for what I've done.
But this time I call you, I asked you to call me back,
Not because of anything unpleasant.
I just wanna wish you. Happy Mother's Day.

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