Friday, April 29, 2011


It's CHILIS day!!!

While waiting at the bus stop.

Soon Fei, u looks better if u wear the tie properly dude.

Perhaps, u choosed the correct tie, see how obsess Chun Ti is with it.

Thats more like it. ^^

Everytime I get to see this breathtaking building, I will miss my Ex-National Defence University

The whole bus is conquered by us.

And so, we reached АРБАТЬ

A good boy with a hawt girl-friend.

Or, a cool guy with a pretty lady.

Everyone with a satisfied emotion.

My beloved perempuan simpanan. LOL!

Class photo

The metro train is dominated by us again.

Don't be sad shorty.

Ah so you are happy now aren't you?

A few of us hang around in the park until late night.

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