Wednesday, May 25, 2011

It is gonna summer break soon, really soon. There's people that is hoping so much to return to their mother earth Malaysia, yet they can't. There's people that don't really wants to go back, but they do. Of course I'm so wanting to go back. I miss my family, I miss my grandparents, I miss my relatives, I miss my friends, I miss those kids in the kindergarden (大树哥哥 is what they used to call me, I spent my winter break with those little monkey!) , I miss the food there. And I'm gonna prepare myself for the Humanitarian Mission. It is my first time to feel like doing something without a "her" as a purpose. Instead I started to put my family in the first place. People do learn when time grows. They decide to set aside what had been an obstacle in their life. They realize the thing that had been always supporting them all the time. A lot of unexpected stuff happens. It may be happy, as well as sad. Yet life still have to continue. It's time to quiet yourself, set everything aside for a moment, and think carefully, find carefully, deep inside your heart, your main purpose of being here in this world. Is it to eat alot alot of food? or study many many books? or having a sweet memorable relationships? I don't know, it's all about yourself.

People learn from own experience. They might learn from readings. They also can learn from other's mistakes. I guess I don't have the chance to put myself into that shoe, thus I ask around for answers. Miss P, you had enlighten me, I am glad that I was surrounded by people who can always reminds me of my purpose. "Go after the one who loves you, but not the one who you loves, they will treat u better. Choose the one who loves you most, but not the one who seek for better, they will give u the best." she told me.

You astonished me with what u said. You made me climb one step higher.

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