Friday, April 22, 2011

Happy Burfdae YY ₦ Jeffery

We are gonna celebrate at "Chilis", as we told YY and Jeff.

Called back to Malaysia, just solely wanted to ask sister how to make the spaghetti. It's my 1st time doing it, keep imagining how I'm going to do and hoping that the result will be at least near to my mommy's. Never knew actually we cant really blend the meat. Only I remember actually we bought the pork from market, we'll need to ask the butcher to mince the meat with the special machine he have. Pity the whole floor can hear my effort trying to chop the pork into small pieces.

It's my first time to to cook for somebody's birthday celebration. You are such a good luck YY and Jeff... hehehe... Yah, that why I refuse anyone's offer to help cuz I wanna do it alone. Everything goes fine, fried the mushroom and so called well "minced" pork. Along with the smashed potatoes. Until I started to add in the blended pure tomatoes, the whole pot become pink. People who came by thought I have something to do with strawberries. Maybe I've put too much of sugar, made it quite sweet. I don't really remember the spaghetti taste my mom made.

Things get better after I add in the capsicum. Yet I'm not satisfied with the result. Haha... I've better stop adding anything else better it get worse. Must learn it properly when I'm back to Malaysia again.

YY put on a very pretty dress, she looks so excited and happy. Waiting all of us to done bathing and go Chilis. I feel sorry for her. I can see her disappointment and shocked when we gave her the "surprise". Feel like getting cheated and scammed maybe. Sorry leh YY, next week we go Chilis lar okeh? But Mohana's, Punitha, Martin, and Wincy's "Curry Chicken Puri" is enough to compensate the lie I suppose. ; ) ... Somehow Jeffery with his slumber face, act like nothing happen. Maybe he already knew our plan. =S

The food is really awesome. We got a very good cooking group of 14A. Thanks to Chunti, Soonfei, Kianloong, and Kugan for making the delicious sushi. Also the special fruit punch by Yunloong.

Philips, Bobo, Hozen, and Chai had joined us in the drinking card games. It's fun, Philip had introduce us a few new cards game. {Bus}, and {the Devil card}. That's what we played before I leave the room earlier. My friend needs me. Entertainment later. You can do it my friend. Be strong.

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